Good Luck, Have Fun: Starcraft 2

I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 for a couple weeks now. It has become a regular lunchtime thing with my coworkers and I have regular Starcraft sessions with my girlfriend.

An interesting thing about starcraft is the lingo. Lots of players start with the simple message “gl hf”. What does that mean? Good luck, have fun. I have pretty much taken that to mean “I’ve been playing this game way longer than you, have fun wasting 20 minutes while I DESTROY you.” Seriously, how is everyone so good at this game already? Is Blizzards supposedly magical matchmaking actually terrible? The game wasn’t even fun until I put in a solid 2 weeks of playing and spent time studying strategies on the Internet and talking about it at work. There are literally hundreds of undocumented features that apparently I am the last to know about.

Check out my list of things I’ve learned you can do in Starcraft that blew my mind after the break.

You can repair things that fly.

Supply depots can be lowered.

You can set your own hotkeys on buildings.

Medivacs can carry Thors.

There are dozens of hidden options that can be found by right clicking on buttons.

How am I the last to know about all of these things? I admit, I never played the original Starcraft until about 2 years ago when I picked it up for 10 bucks at GameStop. Even then, I only played through the Terran campaign.

Every day, I learn new things and become more and more amazed at the depth of this game. Its incredible how well balanced and deep the game play is. It’s not surprising that people can dedicate their lives to this game. Still, it leaves me frustrated that to be good at this game you need to watch videos, study build orders, and pore over the hotkey documentation just to win 1/4 of your games.

Or I could just suck..

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    Excellent post! I really like your writing style : D

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