Mechanical Turk and Trendy Jewelry

Awhile back I heard about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. It’s a service that lets you outsource simple tasks. It basically works on the principal that there are some things that people are still WAY better than computers at doing. For doing these things, people get a small fee (somtimes very small). In an effort to make more money in my spare time I decided to check it out. I’ve done a few simple things like finding email addresses on websites (which made me feel pretty scummy) and solving simple puzzles.

My latest HIT (Human Intelligence Task) is to write a blog post that uses the words “trendy jewelry“. I also need to link it to Its a website that sells “limes” or a single design for a certain price. What is interesting is that you pick the price for your item, and once you buy it, nobody else can buy it for that price. The website seems fairly well made and uses some casual humor while you browse the site.

So is the Mechanical Turk worth it? Probably not. I don’t think I’m going to make much money off of this but it might be a nice way to make a few extra dollars (and I really mean only a few extra dollars) while I veg out in front of the TV.

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