Thoughtback is a project I worked on at Startup Weekend Lansing 1. It is an app that helps creatives stay inspired. Every time you jot down a thought (via your iPhone, Mac, or the Web) we’ll show you a random one from the past. You’ll also get a weekly thought-recap email.

My role on the Thoughtback team is to develop the Mac and iPhone apps. I put together the first versions of the apps in that weekend and have continued to iterate on them. Both are available in their respective app stores.

Thoughtback iPhone

Thoughtback Mac

2 Responses to Thoughtback

  1. hank ronan says:

    Looked at the App store and it says that Toto sync is now up! Great! So I updated the app on the iPhone, went to the thingie, typed in my email addy and password, and it synced! Perfect!
    Only problem is, it didn’t actually sync, it replaced the to do list on my phone, (15 items in five groups) with the to do list on my iMac (3 items, one group).
    Hmmmm . . .
    did I do something wrong, or is this a unidirectional sync? Which means there would be no point adding to dos on the phone since they will be overwritten by the to dos on the iMac. Throughout the day I use my phone a lot more than I use the computer. Ideally a sync is bidirectional.
    So what’s the deal?
    Thanks. Nice app, nice idea, just a simple list . . .

  2. Randall says:

    The sync is bidirectional but the first time you log in with one app, it uploads its list and will blow away the other ones. Sorry for the inconvenience. From now on, it should work as expected.

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