Afternoon Apps: Notemark

NoteMarkLogoI had an idea for an app the other day when I was trying to sort through the notes on my iPhone. I realized that I was using a few of the notes really often, while others just seemed to be throwaway. For example, I have a note that is a list of karaoke songs that I want to try and another note that is a list of places to eat.

I thought it would be neat if I could take a note and put it on the home screen as a separate app icon. I’ve done some work with home screen bookmarks before and thought I might be able to get it done with a simple web app.

The result is Notemark lets you type out a note and saves it using HTML5 localStorage APIs. Not only does it use localStorage, but it also uses app caching. This allows Notemark to run even without an Internet connection.

So, in typical Afternoon App fashion, I hacked something together that’s somewhere between a proof of concept and an actual working product. Use it all you can, but just be aware that there are probably some bugs. If you notice something wrong, feel free to open an issue on Github or send me a message, but just be warned that I might not get around to fixing the problem.

I’m not a web developer by trade so the code is messy with plenty of inefficiencies. You can critique my code all you want though!

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