QDoba vs. Chipotle vs. Panchero’s

A recent trend in fast food is to make things fresher, bigger, and better. These three restaurants are leading the way in the fast casual burrito market. So which one is the best?

Chipotle: Excellent burritos.

QDoba: Queso sauce.

Panchero’s: Fresh tortillas.

See who wins, after the break.

Chipotle: They have excellent burritos but that is really all they have. I guess they have some tacos and you can buy bags of chips too. I’m pretty surprised at their success compared to the other two chains considering their lack of selection. Their lack of queso sauce is a real downer.

QDoba: Queso, queso, queso. Queso on your burrito, or your nachos, or your quesadilla. QDoba used to be all about the queso, but they recently started charging for it. Excellent otherwise.

Panchero’s: The hometown favorite, and in my opinion, the champion of the “fresh mex” dining category. In addition to their menu that dwarfs Chipotle, their delicious queso sauce, and their amazing fresh tortillas (seriously, they start out as a ball of dough and are cooked right in front of you), they have one thing that I haven’t seen at any other restaurant. That thing is Bob. Bob is the little tool they use to mix up your burrito ingredients.

People are very passionate about their burritos, so let me know why you think I’m an idiot for not choosing Chipotle in the comments.

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5 Responses to QDoba vs. Chipotle vs. Panchero’s

  1. Hunter says:

    I live in Champaign, Illinois, where all three are located and I have had them all a number of times. You are an idiot for not picking Chipotle.

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve had all three and it’s CLEARLY Panchero’s. The big thing that sets it apart(other than fresh pressed tortillas) is their Queso which is just amazing and I put on everything there. So good choice and anyone stating otherwise is an idiot, with an idiot douche name.

  3. Steve says:

    I’ve tried all three. Chipotle and Pancheros are both outstanding, but Qdoba is absolute trash. There’s no comparison.

  4. Ryan Satmary says:

    Qdoba and Pancheros are both so bland. Chipotle seasons their food the best, wery chipotle I’ve been to has had faster service than any qdoba or pancheros I’ve been to as well. Who gives a flying fuck about queso when the meat and rice itself have no flavor.

  5. jimmy says:

    i’ve worked at all 3, and qdoba’s food is cooked way ahead of time and kept in hot boxes (sometimes over night) and some of the food comes already prepared like the queso sauce in bags. its shit, but the kinda-shitty queso sauce drenched on everything that makes it better, and their gumbo sorta makes up for things. chipotles meats are fresh and delicious! they all have their own level of spiciness and the rice is great as well, they need cheese sauce tho! pancheros cheese sauce was like crack to us who worked there, we were all disgusted with how much we could not stop eating it, the food was also fresh and good (still like chipotle better). If the fresh tortillas and the queso sauce at pancheros grab you then i’d go there, but for pure food quality and each ingredient being delicious on its own, i’d go to chipotle . After i quit workng at the last one of the three, Chipotle, (and restauraunts in general) i swore i wouldn’t go and spend my money at a chipotle ever. But i’ve literally had dreams about their steak and chicken, so considering i’ve made/eaten food at all 3 places, i’d take that into consideration. Also, the pancheros queso sauce is equal parts white cheddar, pepperjack, a little milk and pico de gayo. besides their cheese sauce, and good-enough food, fuck them.

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