Netflix customer service is pretty good

A week or so ago I had some trouble with the post office. All of my mail stopped showing up. I went to the post office and asked about it. They said they’d call me. They didn’t, so I called them. It turns out the delivery guy thought my mail was supposed to be forwarded, based on mail forwarding I had turned on over a year ago.

One piece of mail I didn’t get was a Blu-Ray from Netflix. I wasn’t sure what happened to it, so I told Netflix it got lost in the mail. They sent me another one and all was well.

Then I get an email from Netflix saying they got the lost Blu-Ray back from the post office and my address might be wrong. No big deal, my address wasn’t wrong. I didn’t do anything.

A couple days later I sat down to watch some Mad Men on my Xbox. I was greeted with an error saying there was something wrong with my account. I went to the website and checked everything out.

They had temporarily locked my account until I fixed the address problem. The problem with that was that I didn’t have an address problem. When I went and tried re-saving my address, it never marked the issue as fixed because nothing ever changed.

So I called up Netflix and was able to talk to a person in less than a minute. They give you a code that you enter that is supposed to make you get help faster. I have no idea if it worked, but it seemed like it did.

I got someone that I could understand and someone who was very helpful. I explained the problem and he unlocked my account. He told me that it would take about an hour for the streaming servers to get the change.

5 minutes later I was watching Mad Men. Thanks Netflix.

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