I am currently a software developer at Microsoft working on the Windows Embedded Automotive team. I used to work at TechSmith. In my spare time I like to build iPhone apps, . I majored in Computer Science at the University of Michigan. In addition to coding, I love skiing.

For 2 years I worked on Camtasia Relay, mostly working on the PC and Mac recorders. I also was one of the primary developers of Fuse, the Camtasia Relay iPhone app. After that I worked on the Coach’s Eye team and the future of mobile development at TechSmith.

The opinions on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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  1. Donna:

    thanks for the apps … playing with the brain :)

    just a tip that your link to TechSmith on the contact page would work better with an http:// in front of it … right now it goes to http://fredandrandall.com/blog/about/www.techsmith.com


  2. Konstantinos:

    Hello i want to ask you something regarding your app RBVolumeButtons in github.
    Could you please send me an email so i can get in touch with you regarding a question?


  3. A Tandon:

    Could you please respond wrt licensing under which RBVolumeButtons is released?

    Is it Permissive (like BSD, MIT or Apache 2), Weak Copyleft (like EPL, LGPL) or Strong Copyleft (like GPL)?
    Kindly respond over email.

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